Assume [verb]

Definition of Assume:

believe, take for granted

Opposite/Antonyms of Assume:

Sentence/Example of Assume:

Many adults assume that a child can look at a landscape as they look at it, taking in the whole picturesque effect.

It will be found that as a whole they assume a flat position, and are very easily handled.

He was told that a son must not play in his father's presence, nor assume free or easy posture before him.

When people argue in this strain, I immediately assume the offensive.

We may fairly assume the presence here of one or two, if not more, assistants, besides a pupil or improver.

Bonaparte arrived in Paris with the fixed determination to assume the reins of government.

Therefore, he came to the Presidency well prepared to assume presidential duties.

That they would take his drowning for granted, and never come to satisfy themselves, he was not optimist enough to assume.

None of the other anthropoid apes ever walk erect, though they assume at times the upright posture.

In short, the biped attitude was much the best suited to its organization and the one it was most likely to assume.