Hypothesize [verb]

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Across a range of ecosystems and animals, he says, the researchers were seeing wildlife corridors divided by hotspots for human-animal conflict, which they hypothesized would create barriers to movement, functionally cutting off the corridor.

The hypothesized nonmaterial vital essence, especially in human beings, has sometimes been called “spirit.”

Competition between humans and wolves for prey would have declined as generations of pet wolves gradually evolved into dogs, the team hypothesizes.

In any case, it seems we need more evidence, from experiments in both humans and non-human model organisms, to see if the ideas that Quiroga hypothesizes are true.

Based on some previous findings, they hypothesized that the subjects would prefer the heavier load with fewer reps.

As a result, they hypothesized that the experience of this more intense pain would give soccer players a higher pain threshold than endurance athletes.

There are good reasons for hypothesizing that how you focus your thoughts might influence your breathing patterns.

Havey hypothesized that the local franchise fee agreement in his city — arguably the most powerful tool any municipality has over a private power provider — could be used to charge those companies for the amount of greenhouse gases they emit.

We can, I repeat, thus hypothesize so long as we see no impossibility.

Consequently, we hypothesize the independent development of these dermal changes in S. baudini and phaeota.