Appreciating [verb]

Definition of Appreciating:

be grateful, thankful

Synonyms of Appreciating:

Opposite/Antonyms of Appreciating:

Sentence/Example of Appreciating:

He encouraged Americans to appreciate American foods – from Kentucky hams to California wines.

I know there are some people who appreciate the way we’re doing business.

This is a sound profile that audiophiles will appreciate, though it might not be the best for anyone who’s looking for a bass-heavy soundstage.

Rather than close in on a full understanding, we merely started to appreciate the hidden complexity with which the brain makes sense of scents.

They may not have quite appreciated that when we did it, we were going to do it at such high pressures.

While seeking answers to scientific questions, it’s worth sometimes taking a step back to appreciate the world’s exquisiteness.

We appreciate Nathan’s positivity, especially during these unprecedented times.

Fans will appreciate the messaging of the new song, as well as Aiko’s ability to stay true to her sound.

While those holes were plenty wide to let me appreciate a ten-mile-per-hour breeze on a hot evening run, and see-through when held up to a light, they weren’t so wide that you could see my skin beneath it.

We appreciated this peace of mind when riding off the beaten path.