Fretting [verb]

Definition of Fretting:

worry, be annoyed

Synonyms of Fretting:

Opposite/Antonyms of Fretting:

Sentence/Example of Fretting:

Day by day these fretting anxieties and perplexities wasted her strength, and her fever grew higher and higher.

I can't see father pining and fretting himself to death about his son, without doing something to relieve his mind.

And the colonel and the squire made themselves anything but comfortable, fretting and fuming at the delay.

Little Ned, who was not very well, began fretting and reaching out his arms to be taken by his father.

His colleagues, anxious for peace and fretting under his predominance, allowed themselves to be blinded by their hopes.

It seemed exceedingly savage and ferocious, continually gnashing its teeth; fretting with rage and furiously restless.

The very next northward-bound train found Stanton fretting the interminable hours away between Boston and Woodstock.

As it happened, they were not fretting at all, but talking together cheerfully.

Then—for I was fretting to see and rummage over my new home with a measuring tape in my hands—we arranged to drive over.

He is likely to be restless during the night; the groans and fretting of the others will disturb him.