Clubby [adjective]

Definition of Clubby:

friendly, devoted

Synonyms of Clubby:

Opposite/Antonyms of Clubby:

Sentence/Example of Clubby:

They're the pleasantest people in Three Meadows and we're very clubby.

The party addressed didn't look very clubby, but she was too polite to pull the cut direct.

We could of talked to plenty o' people here, all right; they were as clubby a gang as I ever seen.

It was only a pleasant clubby discussion of the problem of Jim's and Charity's innocence that delayed the jury's verdict.

An' it's too broad an' clubby f'r a grizzly, an' the claws are too long f'r the length of the foot.

It was built on the lines of a gigantic centipede, with two rows of clubby oars beneath, and ranked as the popular favourite.

Morgan knocked the ashes out of his short, clubby little pipe, put it in his shirt pocket behind his badge, and went on.

“Not cricket perhaps, but quite clubby,” said Amut Ben Butler with his brutal smile.