Cozy [adjective]

Definition of Cozy:

comforting, soft, warm

Synonyms of Cozy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cozy:

Sentence/Example of Cozy:

This four-inch topper blends temperature-neutral memory foam and cozy down alternative fiber to add a supportive veneer of luxury to your new firm mattress or worn old mattress.

We gathered some of the best sleep tools—from a super cozy eye mask to a soothing sound machine—that’ll wind you down at night and keep you well-rested.

A cozy, comfortable sock can go a long way when it comes to gift-giving.

Finding out exactly what happens when particles get even cozier is a major goal of high-energy physics.

It is Google, another American company, but one whose leaders are less cozy with Trump.

Naturally, as discerning tech connoisseurs, we have some well-curated picks for all the gadgets and furniture you need to make your home office setup cozy and productive.

If you want to make your house feel a little brighter and cozier, string lights can help do the trick.

The noise of the highway washes away the cozy atmosphere of the car.

I took two rooms in the third story, small but very cozy, and with a lovely view of the hills.

For he himself was beginning to see what a cozy home the car really would make.