Amiable [adjective]

Definition of Amiable:

friendly, agreeable

Opposite/Antonyms of Amiable:

Sentence/Example of Amiable:

Neantmoins, et nostre abord cette soire, et le lendemain matin nostre descente fut fort amiable et pacifique.

He was a manly young fellow, a sportsman and renowned at cricket, and she was amiable and pretty, a little blonde beauty.

She was very amiable during the walk back, and raved much over Edna's appearance in her bathing suit.

You will do well to send a note to your amiable friend Carr; it may save him a useless journey; for at my table he shall not sit.

I felt quite sure that Mr Lockhart would find her, he is such an obliging and amiable man, as well as clever.

From time to time Lockhart gave vent to a grim laugh, and Spivin displayed his feelings in a too-amiable smile.

You and Keith hain't amiable about that deal, and you don't aim to let my dam and boom company make any money out of you.

Madame Behu would not hear of my lodging in an hotel; I was immediately installed as a member of her own amiable family.

She shall see what it will cost her, the old miser; and you know I have always been most amiable with her.

To each and every one you must extend the amiable greeting due to an invited guest.