Neighborly [adjective]

Definition of Neighborly:


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Sentence/Example of Neighborly:

She included them both in a neighborly glance, and Dilly was very grateful.

An' when I can't, folks are so neighborly they strike a light for me to see by.

I can get politics and chat and neighborly conveniences from cheaper companions.

They can't object to your making a neighborly call, can they?

Our neighbors and friends in Mayberry were as kind and neighborly as ever.

We will go down with you, and I hope you will be neighborly while we are in the country.

“Bless me, you are neighborly,” exclaimed a voice in smooth, even tones.

There was a great buzz of talk and laughter and neighborly greeting.

There was a neighborly feeling about it all that warmed my heart.

Presuming that he was coming to pay me a neighborly call, I arose to meet him.