Entertaining [adjective]

Definition of Entertaining:

amusing, pleasing

Opposite/Antonyms of Entertaining:

Sentence/Example of Entertaining:

The theme has to be interesting, funny or entertaining enough to move users to participate, and as more people take part, the challenge grows organically, potentially going viral.

I’ve been tickled by what both Seth Meyers and Trevor Noah have done with their quarantine-era programs, but the biggest surprise to me has been just how entertaining Stephen Colbert has been on CBS’s Late Show.

Those videos that perfectly inserted Jim Carrey into Jack Nicholson’s role in The Shining were endlessly entertaining.

These are well-considered editorial pages with the user’s experience top of mind—always relevant, entertaining, and educational.

To make Adobe findable via non-Adobe keywords, Thesis, a digital agency in Portland, Oregon, created over 100 helpful, entertaining, professionally informed, SEO content to draw people closer to the brand.

He insisted upon my staying a while, and we had the most amusing and entertaining conversation imaginable.

Her real bitterness taught me what a purely youthful symptom mine had been, and she was rather a clever girl, often entertaining.

Coming back found mess tent brilliantly lit up and my staff entertaining their friends.

Late comers will of course expect to find you entertaining your guests.

We find Wilkes as a poseur on literature in one of these entertaining letters to “dearest Polly.”