Intriguing [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Intriguing:

Popping out of the blackness at lower left are two faint, intriguing specks of light.

One intriguing material is neopentylglycol, a type of plastic crystal.

Some of these what-if scenarios are intriguing, like one where Edison admits he misjudged Tesla and suggests they become an electrical engineering dynamic duo.

It’s this specific fandom, more so than the actual product itself, that makes Triller such an intriguing prospect for marketers now.

That fact raises some intriguing possibilities about what we might discover beyond the bounds of Earth.

The Marlins also roster some intriguing major league talent they hope can show growth.

No one knew for sure what could create such short explosions of radio waves, making fast radio bursts one of the most intriguing puzzles in astrophysics.

A small study of humans who lost sleep showed that the makeup of their gut microbiomes, the bacteria that live in the intestines, shifted after insufficient sleep, an intriguing if preliminary finding drawing another link between sleep and the gut.

The rapid rise of deep learning and other machine learning tools have made it especially intriguing to build brain recording databases and mine for hypotheses and insights.

Historian David Nicolle makes an intriguing point about the oft-overlooked renegade elements of the Crusades.