Affecting [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Affecting:

It is, however, a most serious matter as affecting the character and pecuniary value of these mines.

The combination pedals affecting the Great stop-knobs moved also the Pedal stop-knobs belonging to the proper group.

"Mr. Bills wants to know if he can come in now," came as an interruption to the scene, which was getting rather affecting.

There is something exceedingly affecting in the vague and shadowy prayer which she offered on this occasion.

I suppose the fact that we are going off this afternoon—the joy of returning to our old gay life is—is affecting us?

Another injury for which the law furnishes redress is that affecting reputation and character.

Can it be this minute dust affecting the lungs which makes us breathe as if in the sultry hours preceding a thunder-storm?

For this reason the photographic images are less sensitive to conditions affecting the seeing than the visual images.

"Come hither, rogue," said the baron on Gilbert affecting not to hurry himself out of his usual walk.

The marked feature of this period is the paucity of statutory enactment affecting relief.