Suspenseful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Suspenseful:

It may leave a bad taste in your mouth, but — unlike the slew of “Gone Girl” knockoffs that clog the offerings of suspense fiction these days — it won’t bore you.

If, after the election, you aren’t completely exhausted by the very idea of suspense, try any of these five late-in-the-year top-notch mysteries and thrillers, which are a welcome reminder that suspense can be fun.

So I'm hopeful that Suits can bring a fitting mix of suspense, action, and humor to Breach and just let Willis be Willis.

“We’re ready to get going, even though there’s some suspense about whether we’ll be in the majority or not, which will be answered in Georgia on January 5th,” McConnell said at a news conference with members of the GOP leadership Tuesday morning.

The show maintains enough suspense and tension to spur things along, at least for the first few episodes.