Unsatisfying [adjective]

Definition of Unsatisfying:


Synonyms of Unsatisfying:

Opposite/Antonyms of Unsatisfying:

Sentence/Example of Unsatisfying:

The air at that altitude is thin and, to the one not accustomed to it, most unsatisfying.

Yet all this was cold and unsatisfying, a poor substitute for the other things.

"I couldn't say, sir," is the civil but unsatisfying reply with which research is met.

The fruit of her labor was in her hands, but it was vapid, tasteless, unsatisfying.

He has sounded the depths of rural existence and found it unsatisfying.

With this unsatisfying reply, the messenger returned to Athens.

It is all vague and rather meaningless, and the carving and decoration are unsatisfying.

His teaching was found to be shallow, disjointed, unsatisfying.

The sexual theory is unsthetic and unsatisfying intellectually.

It represents the spirit of classicism cold and unsatisfying.