Pulpy [adjective]

Definition of Pulpy:


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Sentence/Example of Pulpy:

Being on the outside of the folded paper, it had rubbed to a pulpy blur.

Upon removing this nap, a buff-colored, pulpy substance was found.

She loved its subdued light and the pulpy cushions on the sofa.

Crawling into his cab he sank into a pulpy mound, partially closing his eyes.

When he observed me he pointed to pulpy book-pages that floated about.

In another two minutes we were all three sucking the pulpy fruit.

They grow slowly, become soft and pulpy, and finally good to eat.

They looked to see him sagging to the ground, his head soft and pulpy.

He battered the flabby cheeks and punched his fists into the pulpy neck.

Pulpy and fleshy coverings should be removed from seeds before sowing.