Mushy [adjective]

Definition of Mushy:

doughy, soft

Synonyms of Mushy:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mushy:

Sentence/Example of Mushy:

She did not look, at that moment, in the least degree "mushy."

Maudina was like her name, pretty, but sort of soft and mushy.

Worst of it was, I could feel myself grinnin' back at her just as mushy.

Nothin' mushy about glancin' casual at it now and then, was there?

Then, too, the speeches and music will be mushy instead of being clear.

It wasn't just the mushy sentiment of a convalescent, either.

Seal and bake slowly for an hour, until the quince is tender but not mushy.

Maudina was like her name, pretty but sort of soft and mushy.

His mouth was so—so mushy, and his nose seemed to get in the way.

Pap looked at the mushy piece of toast and grinned sheepishly.