Chilling [adjective]

Definition of Chilling:


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Sentence/Example of Chilling:

The night wind sweeps across the cheerless park, chilling us to the bone.

There is something cold and chilling in the supports which pride and philosophy alone can afford under the calamities of life.

There was a bone-chilling breeze off the Drive that made Lamb belt his coat tighter about him.

I didn't dare think what kind of soul-chilling tones might emerge from its ancient depths.

But note the shudder in the third line when the accent is changed on the word “chilling.”

The January wind, chilling us to the marrow, swept in from the desolate ocean like the cruel thrusts of so many icy knives.

Then I looked in all the other open rooms of the house, with an ever-growing fear chilling my heart.

Darker and more chilling views to a theologian, it would be impossible to present.

The rain and sleet beat through his clothes, and struck his skin with a sharp chilling touch that set him trembling.

To me it sounded blood-curdling, and a curious sensation ran through me, as if the blood was chilling in my veins.