Unsettling [adjective]

Definition of Unsettling:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unsettling:

Sentence/Example of Unsettling:

They were unsettling, they caused pain; and, what was worse, they might have been true for all we knew.

I knew it was her voice, and not her logic, that was unsettling me.

He seems to know that some unsettling and untoward event is on the way.

Moments like this were unsettling—and to be guarded against.

True believers were so scarce that it was wicked to think of unsettling their faith.

Innovation in an ancient borough like this is—unsettling and uncomfortable.

Her correspondence with Colonel Munro had left the most unsettling effects.

I haven't seen them, but a rumor is as good as a fact for unsettling the public.

Then he ended by having settled on rather the most unsettling convictions.

The visit had been delightful, and delight is an unsettling thing.