Uneasy [adjective]

Definition of Uneasy:

awkward, uncomfortable

Opposite/Antonyms of Uneasy:

Sentence/Example of Uneasy:

I was, in a manner, forced to work, yet I was uneasy and troubled in my mind.

But she was so uneasy, she simply bent down and looked at him.

But when he left the old man at Mrs. North's door, he was uneasy again.

It might have comforted her a little, had she known what uneasy moments Martin was having.

For some reason Mainwaring was possessed by a strange, uneasy feeling.

At the end of the fourth stride Mr Vladimir felt infuriated and uneasy.

This last week was, in truth, an uneasy interval for the whole house.

It made her uneasy, and made them all uneasy, when I answered in this way.

But still, he felt a vague sense of alarm, and was depressed and uneasy.

It is merely an hysterical affection; nothing more, I am not uneasy.