Fretful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Fretful:

Occasionally he turned his head to watch with keen eyes the fretful movements of a fly hovering above the water.

Beardsley was watching Arnold's fingers; there was something aimless and fretful as they pushed among the code-sealed tapes.

“I fear there is an element of the morbid, in all this fretful revolt against the old-established destiny of our sex,” she said.

Mrs. Tynan's face flushed with sudden irritation and that fretful look came to her eyes which accompanies a lack of comprehension.

So that night his head was hot, and he was fretful; and in the morning he would not eat, and apparently had a fever.

A sickly, faded, fretful-looking person, nearly ten years his senior!

They lifted their eyes a moment from the ground, and cast a fretful look at the great, tranquil luminary.

The child had been unusually fretful, and had kept her awake.

Sarcastically applied to people who may be peevish or fretful through ill health.

Its fretful wails soon ceased under her tender care, and it fell into a gentle slumber on her breast.