Snappish [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Snappish:

You're one of the crew, I suppose, and you needn't be so snappish.

They are half-wild, snappish, and surly, as it is possible for dogs to be.

"He's only a snappish little demon, and you spoil him so," said the other voice.

He hates it; and when I tried to force him to-day, he was that sharp and snappish I was afraid.

The cutlets of Alphonse were subject to snappish criticism. '

He was cross and snappish at trifles; irritable and out of humour with himself.

And she was not in the least daunted, only inclined to feel very cross and snappish.

"It would be at a costly price," he said, in a hard, snappish voice.

Dunstan, stony and snappish, was carrying the picnic impedimenta.

"Anti-Christ," put in a snappish little fellow on his right.