Suspicious [adjective]

Definition of Suspicious:


Opposite/Antonyms of Suspicious:

Sentence/Example of Suspicious:

Now don't get suspicious, and tell me to mind my own business when I ask you questions.

When this was swept away the floor presented no suspicious traces.

Despite the laughter there was a suspicious mist in Mr. Ried's eyes.

Faust went away more than ever suspicious of Crane and Diablo.

He told me that a suspicious character had been hanging about the hall, enquiring for me.

The menu made her suspicious of the food because it was written in French.

They avoided the main roads, and all towns, with suspicious care.

The storekeepers aren't apt to employ you at first; they'll be suspicious of you.

Stryker managed to infuse into his tone a deal of suspicious contempt.

Now, a man on foot is always a suspicious character in this country.