Jealous [adjective]

Definition of Jealous:

desirous; wary

Opposite/Antonyms of Jealous:

Sentence/Example of Jealous:

Etta and Ella get into a jealous row over ownership of certain stories from their past, at a public event.

Many suggested that Colin Meloy, the frontman of the Decemberists, might feel a little jealous — as his band created sea shanty-adjacent folk-rock tunes for years.

Lunch may be jealous, but the rest of your day will thank you.

Like the recently released Mario Lego sets, this is the kind of toy that makes me jealous of kids today.

Airhead also makes a training tube that can handle up to 120 pounds, so check that one out if some of the older kids start getting jealous.

That means no more jealous peering at workbenches and power tools.

Moreover, Napoleon, so great in many things, was so jealous of his own glory that he could be mean beyond words.

Gordon, however, had never been a lover, and if Bernard noted Angela's gravity it was not because he felt jealous.

Why, Lucy has been your only serious competitor this season; I wonder you aren't jealous of each other.

He's jealous, for he has never been past Harrisburg; but I've really gone around a little circle.