Envious [adjective]

Definition of Envious:

jealous, resentful

Synonyms of Envious:

Opposite/Antonyms of Envious:

Sentence/Example of Envious:

In perhaps some of the best performances of their respective careers, Thompson and Negga portray women who are equally envious and enamored with one another.

A number of my friends have hobbies they are super passionate about, and communities of friends they have met through those hobbies, and I'm envious and a bit mystified.

He was a dark impish looking fellow, as lean as Cassius and as crafty and envious as Iago.

God has apportioned to each their lot; and why should I feel envious and discontented, that the best lot did not fall to my share?

Gaily the Esperanza rattled through the fleet, and envious men cried "What cheer!"

Thou who knowest in what corners of the envious earth The jealous God hath hidden the precious stones,Have pity on my long misery!

In itself valueless, yet a treasure in her eyes and mine, for it will protect our child, and many an envious eye is upon her.

Eric was not envious of his brother's good luck, and he was thankful for his share in old Silas' generosity.

Naturally enough the members of the other companies looked upon us at times with envious eyes.

Mr. Caruth and I feel envious, and want to know what you have done that so much work should be bestowed on you?