Distrustful [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Distrustful:

As Doughty notes in the book, people are naturally distrustful of crematory operators.

Essentially, it’s when society is divided into two mutually distrustful camps and there is increased demonization and delegitimization of opponents.

That can often take the form of “gaslighting,” or making victims question their own perception of a given event, causing them to become distrustful of their own ability to understand when mistreatment is occurring.

Who is in a decrepit age, and that is in care about all things, and to the distrustful that loseth patience!

The hostility with which he regarded this group of composers had its origin in his distrustful attitude towards society generally.

Although exempt from concupiscence and "full of grace," she was so distrustful of herself as if she were in continual danger.

Miss Alison Mildmay was severe, but she was not distrustful or suspicious, and the candour of the two girls was unmistakable.

Long study and retirement from the busy haunts of men have made him self-distrustful.

Mina had grown distrustful of his intelligence, and her tone showed it.

He is now distrustful of attempts made to induce him to labor.