Cynical [adjective]

Definition of Cynical:

nonbelieving; doubtful

Synonyms of Cynical:

Opposite/Antonyms of Cynical:

Sentence/Example of Cynical:

He writes that criticism of his performance on nursing homes was the organized and cynical work of Republicans looking to avoid accountability for their own failures in the face of the crisis.

So she was “pretty cynical” when a friend invited her to be a private beta tester for a new social-media platform, Telepath, in March 2019.

More recently, however, concerns about misinformation, disinformation, and worse have left many much more cynical.

Then again, his theory for why it’s become a leaguewide trend is a more cynical one.

I actually, despite being very cynical, I actually have a much more optimistic view of it.

Death, to do him justice, he had met with none of the cowardice he had vaunted, and consistently with his arid cynical soul.

There was a quiet, cynical smile on his face as he sat there beating a tattoo on his leggings with a hickory twig.

That gratitude is the expectation of favors to come was, in the case of Aristide, a cynical and inapplicable proposition.

Something seemed to puzzle him, for he was frowning, but by and by the old cynical smile came back.

His smile was cynical, and suggested a kind of contemptuous pity for the person to whom he spoke.