Derisive [adjective]

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Sentence/Example of Derisive:

Sometimes it comes in literal sobriety, sometimes in derisive travesti, sometimes in tragic aggravation.

There is something repulsively familiar about the tall man, his mouth drawn into a derisive smile.

Sometimes he thinks that they wink at one another with regard to him, or make signs behind his back that are meant to be derisive.

"Oh, that only shows you can't interpret operatic music," Rob replied, with a derisive grin.

The Turk heard the derisive laugh, and he felt the tingling of his ear and the poke in his ribs.

Now they are wiser and build higher, and their cry is supposed to be a derisive one, directed to their ancient enemies.

Our derisive remarks about people who are for ever looking for snakes in every brush-pile were ill-timed, to say the least.

Perhaps it was the derisive inflection on "book agent" that woke Albert.

With a derisive flirt of his tail he sank back to the bottom of his lair.

There was no cheering; but for a few moments a dead silence, followed by a burst of derisive laughter.