Impatient [adjective]

Definition of Impatient:

unable, unwilling to wait

Opposite/Antonyms of Impatient:

Sentence/Example of Impatient:

It ultimately took three weeks of haggling, hours of phone calls and a lot of “impatient” moments “for us to get things in place,” she said.

The owners were impatient with the city’s struggles to buy the building.

He stared at his men, astonished and impatient at this strange disobedience.

The carriage, waiting to convey them away, was already at the door, the impatient horses pawing the ground.

An impatient pupil who never learns anything thoroughly often disregards the rule about silent consonants.

The socialist reads such criticism as the above with impatient approval.

He would at once become stubborn and ugly, because he is not used to our quick, nervous, impatient ways.

As for the slipperiness of the ground, my opponent will run no greater risks than I. I am not the only impatient one.

It would have been better to wait until next year, when we could have had our own house; only I was impatient.

She felt indignant and degraded, and was exceedingly impatient to escape from the humiliating visit.