Ripe [adjective]

Definition of Ripe:

fully developed; experienced

Opposite/Antonyms of Ripe:

Sentence/Example of Ripe:

The Ficus Platypoda was also found here, loaded with ripe fruit.

Young people are ripe for love long before they are ripe for religion.

It looks as if the Prince were ripe for worse than mischief.

Go into the forest and wait until his message is ripe for you.'

They had often met before, but it had been casually, and the hour had not been ripe.

That editor must think that 'Jane Meredith' is full of years and ripe experience.

Then bottle it off; and when ripe, it will be found a very pleasant beverage.

Who could wish a better supper than ripe berries and molasses?

He may have private grievances of which we know nothing, and may be ripe for such a move.'

And that's what he's at the noo, thof he be a scholar, and that a ripe ane!