Immature [adjective]

Definition of Immature:

young, inexperienced

Opposite/Antonyms of Immature:

Sentence/Example of Immature:

My husband and I previously agreed that we didn't want them, but we were young and immature.

That’s because today’s quantum computers are still highly immature, and the limits of classical computing are not exactly well understood, even by the field’s leading theorists.

Adult honey bees forage for nectar and pollen upon which they feed themselves and the rest of the colony, including the immature bees.

Because of their immature respiratory and immune systems, they are at increased risk of severe illness compared to older children.

The primary quills had not been moulted, and are quite those of the immature bird, with no white tip whatever.

If, on the contrary, the harvest is not good, the immature leaves are left to grow.

This is a bad plan, as young and immature mares breed early on the veldt, and throw weedy stock.

The judgment is often immature and the life principles unsettled.

The female, also sexually immature, responds coquettishly to these advances of the male.

Would that we were female, and Christian, and immature, with a flavour as of green grass and a hope in heaven.