Premature [adjective]

Definition of Premature:

earlier in occurrence than anticipated

Synonyms of Premature:

Opposite/Antonyms of Premature:

Sentence/Example of Premature:

Premature success might only make matters more difficult for him.

Premature playing at passion had been sport with edged tools.

Premature burial is said to be very common, among the Moors.

Premature it possibly was, but none the less perfectly natural.

Premature despair and the deepest discouragement have been my constant portion.

Premature insurrection in Calabria, Italy, suppressed, and twenty leaders executed.

Premature old age appeared to have settled on him, and his niece had privately consulted Dr. Sage on his case.

Premature and defective development is a symptom closely allied to the two preceding.

Premature decay is always the result, showing with certainty that a healthy action has not been going on.

Premature baldness most frequently first attacks that part of the head where pressure is made by the hat.