Soon [adverb]

Definition of Soon:

in the near future

Opposite/Antonyms of Soon:






Sentence/Example of Soon:

Should you have thought she'd marry so soon after her divorce?

Soon as I looked at her it seemed to me I'd known her always.

You began to look bad as soon as you left off your breakfast.

As soon would I league myself with the Odomantians of Thrace!

Robert soon settled to work, and picked steadily and rapidly.

"Here's hoping we'll soon be back in God's own country," said Oldaker, raising his glass.

She is glad to believe that there is every reason why it will soon be over.

Mrs. Drelmer, it soon appeared, knew what she was talking about.

They felt relief for the moment, but soon their torments became unendurable.

"You will soon learn whether I am deceiving you or not," said Robert.