Promptly [adverb]

Definition of Promptly:


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Sentence/Example of Promptly:

"Discharge the boy from your employment," said his wife, promptly.

We are all in favor of having it built as promptly as possible.

OBEY them by cheerfully and promptly doing their will, even when it is not to our liking.

They were quite as anxious for meat--promptly--as anybody, and were as unobtrusive as shadows.

Government advertising was promptly withdrawn from his paper.

It was promptly made manifest that he had further cause for gratulation.

Casanova promptly moved as if to relinquish his seat in the carriage.

And she promptly reassured Madame Desagneaux with regard to her surmises.

Permission to undertake the new problem was promptly granted.

If any one of you should speak the word, I would be promptly disposed of as a spy.