Unhesitatingly [adverb]

Definition of Unhesitatingly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Unhesitatingly:

Sentence/Example of Unhesitatingly:

He picked his way to the water's edge and strode in unhesitatingly.

If she had asked them to cut off their heads they would have unhesitatingly agreed to do it.

"I was mistaken in my estimation of him," confessed Roger unhesitatingly.

I unhesitatingly say that a composition of clay and fine gravel is best.

He unhesitatingly gave me permission to correct this if I could.

We now have another one just as good, which we unhesitatingly recommend.

Unhesitatingly, he advanced to the front and centre of the stage.

With these words he unhesitatingly sent the courtiers empty and packing.

To equality, liberty is readily and unhesitatingly sacrificed.

Nevertheless, when there was a knock at his door he unhesitatingly said, "Come in!"