Shamefully [adverb]

Definition of Shamefully:


Synonyms of Shamefully:

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Sentence/Example of Shamefully:

He had been vanquished, cheated, scorned, shamefully flouted.

It was but too apparent that they had been insultingly, shamefully, disgracefully deceived.

In two or three instances lately, I have been most shamefully out.

She deemed herself a woman who had been shamefully deceived.

And, would you believe it, though she has treated him so shamefully yet he loves her still.

As much as anything for what he must think of me when he realises how shamefully I have used him.

He must be there the first hour, else he'd get shamefully robbed.

This is too heartless by half; the man has treated me shamefully.

Now that Marion has behaved so shamefully, it is my dearest hope that you will marry Rose.

In evidence of which, he coughed in a shamefully unnatural manner.