Fully [adverb]

Definition of Fully:

completely, in all respects

Opposite/Antonyms of Fully:

Sentence/Example of Fully:

She didn’t know him — he was the grandson of a friend of a friend of hers — and she didn't fully understand how he’d done it.

Google said passage ranking will affect 7% of search queries across all languages when fully rolled out globally.

I’m also fully vaccinated now so I will feel safer re-entering the dating life.

That way, it’s able to fully print a structure and not just the walls.

Still, he planned to vaccinate the earliest-priority groups fully before moving on.

Sometimes the relationships fractured and fell apart despite it, my partners never fully aware — or not particularly caring — how much had gone into each meal.

Despite advances in software to help model these compounds and molecules, there are still challenges in fully understanding their shapes through a two-dimensional computer screen.

A child is a fully distinct being, not your personal wish-fulfillment vessel.

Thrillist will offer RV travel packages, called Thrillist Caravans, where small groups of up to six people can rent fully stocked RVs for weekend getaways in the Finger Lakes region.

Although he practiced fully every day leading up to the Super Bowl, Mahomes, according to the NFL Network, will see a foot specialist about the injury.