Incompletely [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Incompletely:

The terrestrial crust, thin and incompletely hardened, allowed it to spread through its pores.

It is true that the sex remains the same, since the workers are only incompletely developed females.

But sculptured form may be either completely or incompletely solid.

The truth incompletely demonstrated would have been treated as a lie, and, what is worse, would have ended by becoming such.

A furrow appears down the middle of the arch dividing it incompletely into two.

Streams are moving masses of indefinite length, completely or incompletely bounded laterally by solid boundaries.

This however is not expressed by the words quoted above; perhaps Bburs record was hastily and incompletely written.

Chromate of lead is not precipitated from strong nitric acid solutions, and only incompletely from dilute ones.

With burnt ores (incompletely calcined pyrites), there is sufficient oxide of iron present to prevent too rapid action.

Hard pieces and portions which seem incompletely boiled are removed, and the residual fibres separated out.