Insufficiently [adverb]

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Ideas that seem good at first may not seem so great after research, and many commonly criticized failures were likely results of insufficient research.

Central America has seen wide disease spread in some countries as well, and Mexico in particular has been criticized for insufficient testing to accurately determine the scope of community transmission.

Symptoms that prompted the partners to pause the studies were unlikely to be linked to the shot, or there was insufficient evidence to say for sure, according to documents sent to participants.

What’s more, the narrow boreholes can only accommodate thin canisters, which may be insufficient for long-term safety.

The 0-5 Jets reportedly attempted to find a team willing to trade for Bell, but general manager Joe Douglas apparently found insufficient interest.

Now another controversial city building that Bry voted to in 2018 approve purchasing after a rushed process that also drew allegations of insufficient due diligence is back in the spotlight too.

In July, BlackRock said it had taken “voting action” against 53 companies that had made “insufficient progress on integrating climate risk into their business models or disclosures.”

Two medical employees at Delaware County Memorial Hospital are lead plaintiffs in a national class action against Prospect, claiming insufficient staffing regularly forces hospital employees to work, unpaid, through meal breaks.

It had its license withdrawn in 2017, over issues such as insufficient background checks for drivers, a failure to report serious criminal offenses, and its use of underhanded tactics when dealing with regulators.

The awards, however, were insufficient to pay for major projects.