Thoroughly [adverb]

Definition of Thoroughly:


Opposite/Antonyms of Thoroughly:

Sentence/Example of Thoroughly:

I know him so thoroughly that I could see things that you girls couldn't.

That these books have not been thoroughly revised and made to agree.

If fish is to be cooked by steaming, first clean it thoroughly.

Sidney was thoroughly angry by this time, angry and reckless.

"You 'tend to your own business," cried the thoroughly enraged farmer.

I tell you this because it is necessary that you should know me thoroughly.

You and every other boy in your classes ought to thoroughly ashamed of yourselves.

Whatever Chip did he did thoroughly, with no slurring of detail.

He was thoroughly disgusted with her—or he would be, if she would only stop looking like that.

So they enjoyed most thoroughly this true possession from a distance.