Remarkably [adverb]

Definition of Remarkably:


Synonyms of Remarkably:

Opposite/Antonyms of Remarkably:

Sentence/Example of Remarkably:

The scenes that followed were remarkably impressive and unparalleled.

My mother said, 'What a remarkably agreeable young man he is!

She was remarkably beautiful, and that was their whole romance, their joy, and their misfortune.

It struck him then that Eleanor was a remarkably punctual girl.

Her spirits are remarkably high—not an uncommon effect of laudanum.

And regarding my mother,' said Mr Sparkler, 'who is a remarkably fine woman, with—'

And she is, as I believe you are aware, a remarkably fine woman, with no non—'

There was a remarkably agreeable smell of pomatum in this congregation.

His clothes were as remarkably fine as his equipage could be.

A remarkably handsome man, and quite the gentleman in every respect.