Strangely [adverb]

Definition of Strangely:


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Sentence/Example of Strangely:

Of course, that was to be said, but strangely enough he meant it.

And yet the idea cleaves to me strangely, and is liable to stick to my shroud.

He felt also strangely afraid of the child, he could not have told why.

Why does he fling himself from his horse and stare so strangely about him?

When, at last, he spoke, his voice was a rumble of strangely shy pleasure.

There was something in all this which seemed to move Kate strangely.

How strangely the Past is peeping over the shoulders of the Present!

To see this reflection had a strangely disturbing effect on me.

Mainwaring at once saw that his visitor was strangely agitated and disturbed.

He made no immediate objection to this proposal, so strangely motived.