Surprisingly [adverb]

Definition of Surprisingly:


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Sentence/Example of Surprisingly:

But to return to my lady:—She got surprisingly well after my master's decease.

Surprisingly enough these two likewise are discussing Sam Graham.

Surprisingly, their feeling about the Howth gun-raid became cool.

For a man of his years, he was surprisingly vigorous and erect—no labour could tire him.

Hephzy, when she did return to the hotel, was surprisingly chatty and good-humored.

Surprisingly spry on his feet for a man of his weight and age--had all I could do to keep up.

I've been in the Bay, and the bay water is surprisingly wet.

He ran his eyes over her with an attention which was surprisingly noticeable.

The old gentleman had been surprisingly quick in getting into bed.

And there was no denying that the girl was surprisingly pretty.