Especially [adverb]

Definition of Especially:

exceptionally, particularly

Opposite/Antonyms of Especially:

Sentence/Example of Especially:

Lots of creators have personal websites where they sell their programs or merchandise, but most of them are also highly active on Instagram, especially after TikTok’s ban scare.

Now, however, it has fewer options to experiment, especially with free services, as it tries to refocus on Firefox and a few other core projects.

This large cork board is framed in solid wood, making the structure especially strong and sturdy.

Breen says this is especially important since that approach doesn’t scale across thousands of devices and can also introduce bugs from the agent itself.

Over the years, selenium pollution has been especially tricky for coal companies to deal with, presenting expensive and long-term treatment challenges.

Over time, it might behoove us all to go back and see how it all came together — especially if the Nuggets beat the odds again in this coming round by taking down the Lakers.

The party's recruitment this year doesn't point to much optimism about reversing the decline, especially with a well-liked Joe Biden leading the Democratic ticket.

Navigating a computerIt can be hard for kids to find their way around a new computer, especially if they’re used to phones or tablets.

Moles can detect your softest footsteps, and they are especially alert for sounds of digging.

I love that time on the water, especially where I live in the southern Appalachians, where finding the right place to take a dip makes all the difference in the sweltering heat.