Mainly [adverb]

Definition of Mainly:

for the most part

Synonyms of Mainly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Mainly:


Sentence/Example of Mainly:

Readings are mainly in the upper 20s to lower 30s for afternoon highs.

The first of the four arrives Thursday afternoon or evening, when light snow is expected mainly in areas south of the Beltway.

Temperatures should fall enough tonight for additional light accumulation to occur, mainly north of the Beltway.

Some precipitation, mainly light, will try to break out from midnight to predawn.

They were mainly well west and northwest into the mountains.

You measure the amount of nickel in Martian soil and it’s several percent, and that nickel is mainly coming from micrometeorites.

A snowflake or a few pellets of sleet might mix in at the onset, mainly north of the District, but most likely not.

Lows will be mainly from near 20 to the mid-20s, which will promote some refreeze concerns in and near any standing water.

The importance and meaning of this building lie mainly in its use, its function, its activity.

It mainly stays bunkered down in the nucleus of our cells, protecting the information it encodes.