Mostly [adverb]

Definition of Mostly:

generally, mainly

Opposite/Antonyms of Mostly:

Sentence/Example of Mostly:

But mostly they hunt for this Andrew Lanning a dozen at a time.

He can't take things on trust, and he'll mostly take 'em, anyway.

He thought of many things, but mostly of the promise he had made his mother.

They were mostly Beadle's Dime Novels, which had a great sale at the time.

They average about the same as they do in anything else, mostly good, I think.

It seems to be mostly 'me' and 'mine,' and it's not the real truth concerning this house.

The practical application of my teaching interests you mostly.

The modest assemblage of seven people, mostly under age, dispersed.

"That'll be mostly hidden by his whiskers, when they grow," observed her guardian.

The way she spoke was ludicrous, but what she said was mostly plain truth.