Primarily [adverb]

Definition of Primarily:

generally; for the most part

Synonyms of Primarily:

Opposite/Antonyms of Primarily:

Sentence/Example of Primarily:

He rejoiced in the name, and used it primarily as a challenge to intolerance.

And it is not for my sake—that is, not primarily for that—that I am anxious about her.

But temporal things are to be sought secondarily not primarily.

It is this primarily that makes the dramas great and lasting.

In our present society, production is carried on primarily for exchange, for sale.

He had no axe to grind, primarily, on behalf of society and its morals.

But the goer afoot must not be conceived as primarily an engine of muscle.

"Primarily because you're well known and your activities are observed," she had answered.

"Primarily because I'm not sure now that the Phoenix can break in," answered Dark.

Marriage is primarily an economic arrangement, an insurance pact.