Particularly [adverb]

Definition of Particularly:


Synonyms of Particularly:

Opposite/Antonyms of Particularly:

Sentence/Example of Particularly:

Hester Paine was not particularly well pleased with the meeting.

Reflects on the Harlowe family, and particularly on Mrs. Harlowe, for her passiveness.

The white men were slave-hunters, and were after me particularly, as I learned afterwards.

They did not seem to interest him particularly, or else they puzzled him.

The question struck them both as particularly inane, in view of his actions.

The brothers did not have a particularly pleasant home at Auxonne.

It was not entirely level; but on the other hand not particularly broken.

When we got out the cargo, we found it much damaged, particularly the wheat.

They cherish poodles, particularly post-mortem; they disdain swine.

He was particularly set against me, as I had been ringleader in the cobbing.