Exceptionally [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Exceptionally:

However, there are some common factors that tie many of these blazes together and make them exceptional.

To conserve additional areas with exceptional biodiversity, an additional 6 percent needs protecting.

The researchers also identified new areas that could preserve hot spots of exceptional species diversity, and large tracts of wilderness needed to support wide-ranging animals like caribou.

They’ll also be saving money and enjoying greater access to exceptional talent, as well.

It’s early, but there are signs Tesla’s Model 3 could be as exceptional in the used market as it has been in the new-car world.

The exceptional has given way to the perfunctory, and it’s hard to escape the feeling that everyone involved would rather be doing something else.

Items that justify their thousand-dollar price tags with claims of exceptional craftsmanship and materials aren’t always able to communicate their desirability through tiny two-dimensional images.

While some polls have a more established track record of accuracy than others — and we do take that into account in our models and political analysis — we exclude polls from our dataset only in exceptional circumstances.

Instead, focus on providing an exceptional user experience by ensuring individual pages are each dedicated to a unique topic.

It is the largest exceptional building block out of which all symmetry groups can be constructed, a mathematical monstrosity that can only be visualized in a space of no less than 196,883 dimensions.