Curiously [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Curiously:

Robert Patterson, professor of mathematics at the University of the State of Pennsylvania, gave Peale his first specimen for the museum, “a curious fish called the paddle fish caught in the Allegheny River,” Peale wrote.

Pauli was curious about that question, but not enough to devote the time to it for which Jung might have hoped.

Still more curious, despite having signed the Peacock distribution deal with Roku, NBCUniversal has yet to reach one with Amazon.

OZY’s mission statement, for example, is “to help curious people see the world more broadly and more boldly.”

That made me curious about what’s going on from a tech angle.

People who are curious do well because everybody’s asking questions about the place and wondering about Antarctica.

I was curious to know if Sonny bleeds for his corporate memes in the same way that someone like McCann does.

This curious design choice means that you add windshield wiper fluid by pressing down on the roundel badge above the grille, which pops open to reveal the fluid container.

The level of detail is incredible, and I’m curious how designers and audio engineers will take advantage of the new tech to best present a game’s atmosphere.

Fewer people have land­lines, and who in their right mind picks up a call from an unknown number these days, unless they are curious about international scam centers.