Efficiently [adverb]

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Sentence/Example of Efficiently:

Making energy efficient purchases is one of the more meaningful ways you can cut your personal carbon footprint.

A safe and efficient vaccination effort presents one of the most complex logistical challenges the nation has ever faced.

This is a really efficient way to match an investor with a company.

At the time, most researchers assumed gliding was an energy-efficient way for colugos to travel.

Some of these applications may inspire organization to rethink how they collect, analyze, and act on data—all of them contribute to a better or at least more efficient planet.

Similar calculations are taking place across the country with stores increasing inventory, expanding the number of distribution centers and adopting new technology to become more efficient at anticipating consumer behavior and managing restocking.

Under the wide-ranging proposals, sales of new petrol and diesel cars will be banned from 2030, the government will back investment in electric vehicles, hydrogen, wind and nuclear power, and measures to make homes more energy efficient.

She’s in a good place, with a brand she likes and a shoe that makes her one of the most efficient runners in history.

She was critical of the president’s rhetoric, and vocal about the importance of maintaining an open and efficient border with strong ties between two economies that she has called “completely tied” together.

In addition to reducing the need for hydrofluorocarbons, the hope is the technology could eventually be more energy efficient than standard cooling devices, given the heat released relative to the amount of energy needed to drive the change.