Expertly [adverb]

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Help us understand what we should be covering or serve as an expert to make sure we’re on the right track.

These group participants may have the “right” to have these discussions online, at least in Facebook’s view, but there’s disagreement on whether the groups should be allowed the same search billing and discoverability as more expert-led resources.

This story is part of Eastworld Spotlight, a series of conversations on matters of business, tech, and finance with executives, experts, entrepreneurs, and investors in Asia.

Biden spoke here in his hometown after receiving a briefing from experts about developing and distributing a vaccine.

Only if it was completely transparent — that other experts in the country could look at it.

The statement also noted that Caputo’s scientific advisor, Paul Alexander—known recently for trying to muzzle top infectious disease expert Anthony Fauci—is also on his way out.

If the race is close, experts expect litigation, which could leave the results unknown for weeks.

Mobility itself, global-migration experts point out, is often a reflection of relative wealth, and as some move, many others will be left behind.

Government experts had long predicted a pandemic would cause food shortages.

Benn Eifert is an expert in options trading, a complicated field that involves calculating delta, gamma and other exotic variables that help predict price movements.